Modern Workplace Brewer, MVP & MCT

Last February 8, 2024, we held our 3rd Meetup at NEXXT in Amersfoort.

Thanks to Harm Veenstra for arranging the location and food.

From 16:30 people started coming in. Not much later the lids of the food came off and we could all start eating from the available stamppot buffet.

Rene Laas and Gerjon Kunst began the evening with a topic that is totally contemporary, namely Unlocking the potential of Power Virtual Agent and Azure OpenAI Services".

In this session, they were going to leverage the power of the Power Platform and its flagship product, the Power Virtual Agent. In this session, they learned how to use the Microsoft APIs to seamlessly integrate with different systems and applications.

After a short break, Oktay Sari spoke. It had been a while since he was on stage.

His session was on another hot topic, MacOS and Intune, called Mastering MacOS Management with Microsoft Intune: Tips, Tricks, and Treats.

We all took a dive into the exciting world of managing MacOS devices with Microsoft Intune and discovered how Intune is changing the way you can manage Apple's MacOS devices.

And then it was time for the last session of the evening. Namely that of Niels Kok and Stefan Dingemanse.

Their session was about their homemade PowerShell module for easily managing Cloud PCs, called Streamline Your Windows 365 Management with PSCloudPC.

The module offers a number of functionalities, including configuration, provisioning and management of Windows 365 Cloud PCs. In this session, we saw the functionalities and saw how those funcionalities can help with Windows 365 deployments.

After 3 successful sessions, it was time to head towards the "bar" and have a nice chat with all of us over a snack and a drink.

Missed it or want to read it again? Check the WorkplaceDudes Github for the presentations and keep an eye on our meetup page.
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If you want more information about the WorkplaceDudes, click on this link and you will see all our channels where you can follow the WorkplaceDudes.

As WorkplaceDudes, we want to thank Harm Veenstra and his team again for arranging this venue and refreshments!

Until the next Meetup!

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