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New year, new launch of a new side-project. First the best wishes for everyone.

Back in April ’20, I created a blog post with a list of some Microsoft admin portals, as you can see here. This blog post received a lot of visitors.

On the 30th of July ’20, I received an email from Priscilla Geldenhuys from Microsoft, with the following text:

Hi Jeroen, great work on consolidating a list of all the portals?
This list is growing daily, however, there is no place where we have
one view of all the portals across the Microsoft technology.

Have you continued to explore and update this?

Appreciate your help!

So, I was thinking about how I can create another “portal” with the most used or known Microsoft admin portals and I added this to me To Do list.

Working on it
I forgot this To Do item and somewhere in October ‘20, I picked up this idea to work it out. I found a partner-in-crime, Jan Bakker, and together we brainstormed on how we can achieve this. In November ’20, I registered the domain name, created a GitHub account and page and the website was, sort of, live.

Filling the website
I found a simple template and together we filled this website with, by us known, Microsoft administration portals. The website is, not yet, mobile-friendly, but I think that most admins are using a laptop/desktop to access any of the admin portals.

How the website works
In the top right corner, you will see a menu. If you click on e.g., Azure, then you will see all the Azure portals. If you click on M365, then you will see all the Microsoft365 portals and so on.


Continues development
We will continue to update this website, but if you think that something is wrong, or you are missing a portal, let us know through the “Report an issue” button.

Spread the word
So, bookmark the website into your browser, pass it through to all your colleagues, and put it on your socials!

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