Microsoft365 Consultant and Microsoft Certified Trainer

So... one day you have to do something that is totally out of your comfort zone. And yes... I did something else. First I wrote an exam guide for MD-100, then I became a Microsoft Certified Trainer and now.... this.

Since January 28, 2022, me and two other colleagues, Engin Soysal and Richard Sousa Ferreira, started a brand new YouTube channel, called WorkplaceDudes.

It's new for the three of us, but we know it's gonna be all right. We just need to find a structure of the show.
The first structure we have, is that we are publishing every two weeks on Monday around 11:00, a new show.
This could be a show with just the three of us, or with a guest speaker.

At the moment, the shows will be in the Dutch language, but if we have a non-Dutch guest speaker, the show will be in English.

You can find the WorkplaceDudes at the following urls:

Hopefully you will take a look at it and subscribe to our channel.

Have fun!