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So.... 2023. That was 3 days ago.
2023 was a special year for me. In this blog post, I will mention all the highlights, on a personal level, community and website.


The highlight in this area is that I got to speak at Experts Live Australia. You can read the report of this further on.

Earlier in 2023, I was nominated for Microsoft MVP. Unfortunately, I didn't become one.

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I have been able to give quite a few training courses in the past year. Together with Class-IT, I was able to give an 11-week evening training MD-102 for a customer of Class-IT on behalf of my own company Mizze Solutions. With a good result, because students have already passed.

There are plenty of challenges ahead of 2024. One of them is that I will hopefully have the opportunity to speak more at different events.

Class-IT – Consultancy, Training & Cloud Architecture
Mizze Solutions
We optimize the efficiency of work being done for our customers.


2023 was a busy year for my community activities.


Together with Richard Sousa Ferreira and Engin Soysal, we continued with season 2 and season 3 of the WorkplaceDudes.

Some figures from the WorkplaceDudes:
• 1 summit with 5 MVP's who came to speak
• 2 Meetups we've organized
• 23 webcasts / podcast created

And there are more fun things to come!

1st WorkplaceDudes Meetup was a success!
Last Tuesday, June 27, 2023, we held our first WorkplaceDudes Meetup at Campus Delta in Capelle a/d IJssel, near Rotterdam. After several weeks of preparation, arranging location, arranging sponsor and of course arranging the speakers, yesterday was the big day. Around 16:00 we were present. We started by
WorkplaceDudes Meetup #2
On 4 October 2023 we held our 2nd Meetup at the NN Group in The Hague. Man man, what a location this was. We were guests at the NN Group’s Event Space. In this room there was enough space for our visitors with a mega video wall. Around 16:00

Experts Live Netherlands

Also, this year there was Experts Live NL. And also, this year I was part of the Program Panel. We then assess all submitted sessions, so that a short list is drawn up.

New this year, was also my 5 seconds of fame, together with Rex de Koning, as security guards on the roof of a data center, in the intro movie that was shown for the keynote.

On the day itself, I was responsible for the speakers together with Erik Loef. In other words, checking every time, every room, whether all the audio / video still worked. That day there weren't that many problems, thankfully. It had been different, I had heard.

Experts Live NL will be back again this year. And that will come back on June 4, 2024 in Nieuwegein. Will I see you there again?

Looking back at Experts Live NL
On Thursday 25 May 2023, it was time for the 11th edition of Experts Live NL. Again, in Congrescentrum 1931 in ’s-Hertogenbosch. For me, this adventure started much earlier. Like the previous editions, I was again in the Program Panel this year. Under the leadership of Kenneth van Surksum and

Experts Live Australia

This must be my highlight of 2023. I love Australia. So why not try to speak there.

So 3 sessions submitted and all 3 accepted. I only did 2, because 3 was a bit too much. I spoke to many people in real life, rather than virtually. And the weather was perfect these days. Good food, good coffee and breakfast at the beach before I went home.

Let's see if we can travel to Australia again this year for Experts Live AU.

Speaking at ExpertsLive Australia
For a long time, I always thought I wasn’t the person to speak at an event or a meetup or whatever. But recently, especially from our Youtube show, the WorkplaceDudes, and my experiences as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, it started to itch a bit. So, I took the plunge, created
My experience at Experts Live Australia
Last 19 and 20 September 2023 I was in Sydney, Australia for Experts Live Australia. In my previous blog post I already wrote about this, because I was allowed to speak there. Here is a small summary of this event which was held for the first time. My journey started

Workplace Ninja Summit

After Australia, it was time to travel to Switzerland for the Workplace Ninja Summit.

I had already heard good stories about it, so I really had to go there. I took the train and when I arrived in Baden, Jose Schenardie was already waiting for me on a terrace.

The days that followed were full of sessions, networking, eating out and of course having a drink. Hotel for this year has already been booked. Now all I must do is arrange a ticket.

Workplace Ninja Summit was awesome!
After a week of Experts Live Australia, it was immediately time to head to Switzerland for the Workplace Ninja Summit 2023 held in Baden, Switzerland. For me this was the first time I was here, because I wanted to go here because of the good stories I had heard from

Microsoft 365 Modern Management Meetup

This year, we continued with the Microsoft 365 Modern Management Meetup.
During Experts Live AU I saw and spoke to the rest of the team in real life. Last year we had organized 11 meetups. Mostly in hybrid form with a number of regular speakers. This year we will continue as usual.

Microsoft 365 Modern Management Meetup | Meetup
If you manage Windows, iOS and Android devices with Microsoft management tools, and want to get together with a group of like minded people to learn more about the management, security and compliance capabilities of Microsoft 365, this is the meetup for you.Check out the previous session playlist at


Every time I try to encourage myself to blog more. But that doesn't always work. However, I would like to list some figures, but I had a slight problem with my stats between mid-February and mid-June, so I'm missing some data.

Nevertheless, here is the data of what I do have.

  • 44.5K unique visitors
  • 48.8K total visitors
  • 62.9K page views

Top 9 blog posts of 2023 are:

1.Remove bloatware on Windows 10 with 11.1K visitors

Remove bloatware on Windows 10
In the past year, I worked at a customer, who ordered around 4000 HP laptops to distribute it to their end-users. But something was wrong in the order because they asked for the Windows 10 Signature Edition, but they got the normal Windows 10 Pro edition. But first, what is

2.Device clean-up in Azure AD & Intune with 4.6K visitors

Device clean-up in Azure AD & Intune
It is been a while since I have written a blog post and it was still in the drafts, so it is time to finish it. Some time ago, I was asked if there was a method to automatically clean-up Azure Active Directory from idle devices that had not have

3.Remove HP bloatware on Windows 10 with 4.3K visitors

Remove HP bloatware on Windows 10
Welcome to another part of the “Remove bloatware” series. 😁 As you have read in the previous blog post [], we still had to deal with the HP bloatware that was still present on the devices. Since my test laptop was already connected to Intune, I could

4.Getting started with Microsoft Teams Rooms part 2 with 3.4K visitors

Gettings started with Microsoft Teams Rooms (Part 2)
I have updated this blog post on 27-05-2021 with new W10 20H2 version and the newest TeamsRoom software Welcome at the second part of this series about the virtual Microsoft Teams Room. I had some busy weeks and I know that a few people are waiting

5.How to delete a credential from an Yubikey with 2.9K visitors

How to delete a credential from a YubiKey
I have a YubiKey security key, which I’m using daily to logon to different Microsoft Portals (check as an user or as an administrator. So I have several accounts on my YubiKey, for personal accounts and business accounts. Today is my last day at a customer, so

6.Updating HP bios with HP Connect with 2.3K visitors

Updating HP BIOS with HP Connect
Updating HP BIOS with HP Connect Some time ago, I saw a tweet from Nathan Kofahl [] announcing HP’s new tool, called HP Connect for Microsoft Endpoint Manager. At that point, you could sign up for an Private Preview. Since I was interested in that, I had

7.How to remove the new Outlook for Windows app with Intune with 2.2K visitors

How to remove the new Outlook For Windows app with Intune
Today a short blog post about the removal of the new Outlook For Windows app, which comes with the new Windows 11 23H2 update. Outlook For Windows is the replacement for the Windows Mail app. But that’s great fun if you’re using Windows 11 as a personal device. But you

8.How to add Teams Phones in to Intune with 1.8K visitors

How to add Teams Phones into Intune
This time it’s more a blog post about “notes from the field”. At the moment, we are working on a project to replace all analog/digital deskphones to Teams enabled phones from Yealink. Because this is a large organization, the testing actually goes through several groups. Namely, the people from

9.Hide Global Protect VPN client as default Sign-in option with 1.8K visitors

Hide Global Protect VPN client as default sign-in option
With a client I am working on their modern workplace. Well.. it’s not that modern, because they still want all the traffic to go to the Internet through their network. And that goes through the Palo Alto Global Protect VPN client. The customer is 👑, we say, right? There is no

This was my 2023 review.

Let's hope that 2024 will be a great year and maybe we'll see each other somewhere at a meetup, event or something else.


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